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Riverwalk Psychotherapy Associates is no longer practicing as a group. We've amicably created a new model with individual practices but we look forward to continued collaboration. To reach us and get information on our new practice locations, contact us directly at:

Riverwalk Psychotherapy

is a partnership of independent psychotherapists. Riverwalk Psychotherapy is dedicated to providing quality psychotherapy to individuals, couples, and families, addressing life problems, mental health concerns, trauma, domestic violence, and substance abuse issues.

People sometimes enter therapy when their lives are manageable, but believe life could be better. Numerous studies indicate psychotherapy is effective in the treatment and resolution of a variety of emotional and interpersonal problems, as well as promoting personal growth and life change.

Problems for which psychotherapy can be particularly helpful include emotional problems (such as depression, anxiety, stress, and trauma), behavioral problems (including aggression, compulsions, addictions, and sexual performance), and relationship problems (for instance partner/marital, family, and friendships). Psychotherapy can also help people navigate lifechanges and reach goals for self-improvement.

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