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Beginning therapy can often be difficult and may carry a host of fears, uncertainties, and challenges. I believe that it can also be a life changing journey that can help explore those difficult pieces and peel those layers that have kept us from being our authentic selves. My clients are often young adults, parents, those starting a new phase in their life, or anyone navigating the process of individuation and creating change. My clients are often looking to create healthy boundaries and relationships with themselves and others. Many are healing from past trauma, toxic relationships, or entering a new phase in life.

My focus has been with all forms of trauma and the relationship one can have with themselves and the world around them. My experience includes depression, anxiety, self-esteem, grief, co-dependency, and boundaries; particularly with adult children of parents with mental illness. I also enjoy working with all parents and those raising neurodivergent children and children with disabilities.

I use a humanistic approach to explore a person's past and how those experiences help shape present day feelings and behaviors. With humor and empathy I believe in building trust and a solid therapeutic relationship to help my clients achieve their goals. I feel honored to be invited into the lives and experiences of so many.

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