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My lasting impression from doing this work is that humans have an enormous capacity for hope and an enduring desire for joy. Psychotherapy can be a liberating process of finding fresh new perspective and acquiring the tools to handle many of the challenges that arise in our fast-paced culture.I have been working in Milwaukee as a mental health practitioner for the past 13 years and throughout that time I have helped people through the process of change, which is challenging for even the best of us in the best of times. Interpersonal conflict, stress tolerance, job/career issues, impacts of systemic oppression, immigration, acculturation, sexual intimacy, childhood sexual abuse, developmental trauma, anxiety, depression, relationship issues and PTSD are some of the issues that clients have worked through during the time they worked with me. I have specialized training in trauma therapy. I work with couples and individuals. I recently started working as a consultant with leadership, conflict in the workplace, and other issues.

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